International Online Store

Finally, we have opened an international online store.
The number of items is still small, but we plan to add more items.
First of all, we uploaded popular items, so please check them out.
Some items have already been sold out in the Japanese online store.
You can use a credit card and PayPal.
Enjoy shopping!

We are new to overseas shipping and we are not used to it.
So it may take some time to ship.
We’ll keep you waiting, but please wait as we will pack it wholeheartedly.

Now we find it very difficult to send the packages to the United States of America and Australia because of coronavirus.

There is the only one way to send the package.

●No tracking number
●No guarantee
●We don’t know when the package will arrive
●Cannot be investigated

If these conditions are acceptable, I can send you the package.
We are very sorry that it is hard to send you the package from Japan.